Houston Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Kameron Searle

908 Town & Country Blvd., Suite 120

     Houston Traffic Ticket Lawyer, Kameron Searle, is a former City of Houston Municipal Court Prosecutor and has assisted thousands of clients with the defense of Traffic Tickets and Class C misdemeanors in the City of Houston Municipal Courts and the Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts.

     If the fines and court costs were the only penalties, you would not need a traffic ticket defense attorney, but they're not. There are many hidden penalties in addition to paying the fine.

Protect Your:

1. Liability Insurance Rates,

2. Your Texas Drivers License and Driving Privileges,

3. Driving Record and Avoid Points and Surcharges!


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Houston Ticket Attorney

Kameron K. Searle

908 Town & Country, Suite 120

Houston, Texas 77024


Houston Traffic Ticket Lawyer Defends:

Financial Responsibility / Insurance Ticket

Stop Sign Ticket

Speeding Ticket

Accident Ticket

Red Light Ticket

School Zone Tickets

Code Restriction Tickets

Driving Without Corrective Lenses

All Moving Violations

Trucking Violations and CDL

Building and Fire Code

Coin Operated Machine Violations

Tax Permits


Failure to Appear and Warrants

Warrant Round-up



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